starting equiment that ic cold from being shipped

Is it a real thing that you court problems if you turn on an ice cold amplifier or pre-amp without waiting 24 hours for temperature to rise.  I have long awaited Krell FPB and KCT shipping tomorrow,  It's single digits in the Midwet.  Should I wait a full 24 hours for the equipment to warm inside before introducing any electricity into the components?


I have always allowed my equipment to warm up before using it.

Unless your home is a swamp, I can't see how condensation would be an issue. Most homes in the cold air of winter have low humidity.


Yes, they do but when a cold object meets warm air moisture forms.  Just look at windows.

Yes, let it come to room temperature with low humidity. May want to pop the top to make sure any condensation evaporates with great airflow. Good luck. 😉 

“I have always found that a blowtorch can expedite the process..”

I think @bossa will be up for it if you wanna send your amp over 😂