Stack Audio-SmoothLAN Network Filter- WOW!

I just received this item that I purchased from Stack Audio after being impressed with the AUVA 100 Speaker footers.

For any of the Audio Streamers out there, my initial comment as to this item: The SmoothLAN Network Filter is WOW!

From first plug in, the soundstage deepened and widened immensely. How the heck this occurs is nothing short of amazing. I have tried many of the major brand ethernet filters, and some of them, maybe, did something. But not enough to keep them. I either sent them back or sold them. I did however keep an iFi Silencer unit.

My digital streaming consists of an EtherRegen sending out the signal via Fiber to my Lumin X1. I have the Stack Audio device going into the EtherRegen from the Modem.

And, since I have my Apple TV coming out of the EtherRegen it will be interesting to see if the Video improves.

Check out the review in EAR.

Stack Audio Smooth-LAN For Clean Streaming | The Ear (


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I guess there is no way to compare the 2 products.

I am very happy with the Stack Audio SmoothLan, and that is something for me to be satisfied with these types of gizmos...


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Yeah, it is a Finister, but I'm not sure of the model number I'll see if I can find it. It was a unit that came highly praised with the folks on the forums a few years back. It cost several hundred dollars used.


There is no such thing as “performance degradation caused by external vibrations” in Ethernet unless your cable is simply broken and not soldered properly.