SS amp with high tone density + great separation ?

Looking for more body on my ceramic driver based speakers. 89db 6 ohm average 4 ohm minimum - 5" bass drivers (low damping factor)

Amps with high tone density might sound less resolving less transparent on speakers with conventional woofer materials but would shine on ceramic drivers.

Looking for the "instruments in the room" effect with great instrument separation and very constant / stable timing.

Class T amps and gainclones came close in tonal density but i am looking for a livelier presentation.
My favorite SS amp with purity of tonality is the Gryphon Colosseum...pure Class A. can see reviews on Jeff Fritz. I have heard CJ 350, Krell Evo One, Evo 600, Evo402, ARC Ref 210, MBL Ref monos, Boulder 2060, Gryphon Antileon, ML 33H monos. Gryphon Colosseum is by far my favorite, and purity of tonality is very high on my list when searching for any equipment. One man's opinion.

Good luck,
Some of what you are looking for is done well by tubes. Maybe look into a hybrid amp? I just got a Butler 2250 that I am loving with my SP Tech Minis, but you could also take a look at the Vincent or Moscode hybrid amps.

Otherwise, I think you might be able to go Class A with that efficiency.