Squeezbox Duet Playing Partial Tracks

My Duet recently started playing part of a track then skipping to the next track when playing files off my hard drive. It has no issues with playing other sources such as Pandora. Any thoughts? Any issue with the Duet? With the hard drive a Seagate 1TB expansion drive? Thanks for your help this is really frustrating.
Try unplugging your Duet for a few minutes, then restarting it. Mine has done this a few times and this has always solved it. Might try doing the same with the hard drive.
Mofimadness doing that right now on the Duet thanks. What do you mean about restarting the hard drive? It's external so it powers down automatically when unplugged right?
Jond...unplug your hard drive from the AC cord for a few minutes, then plug it back in, just like the Duet.

Hope this works/helps.
Mofimadness I actually went back to LMS 7.7.2 from the "upgraded" 7.7.3 and that fixed the problem thanks for your suggestions though.
I have a Squeezebox Touch and stream my FLAC music files stored on a 1 TB Western Digital external HD. I have recently updated to the new 7.7.3 server with no problems at first but recently have experienced the same problems you have. I reinstalled the server twice and think it is better. Sounds like it is a server problem. If I have any more problems I will reinstall 7.7.2 as you did so thanks for this post. Let us know if anything changes. Thanks!