Speakers with deep/powerful bass

I used to have a system with large speakers. Each speaker had two 12" woofers. When I would play Hard as a Rock from the AC-DC BallBreaker CD there was a moment at 35 seconds into the song when it felt like someone was jumping on the floor behind me. This would only happen if my JPS Labs Golden Flutes were looped into the system, and it was playing very loud. Without the Golden Flutes it didn't happen. It was a truly frightening experience the first time it happened, because I was home alone. Has anyone else had anything like this occur?


+Carlsbad   ..  He's right.  Floor shaking bass or good sound.  I'm thinking I've driven beside gregdude and every one within a block got to audition his sub bass system.. LOL ..  

Some the best bass I have heard in a conventional floor standing speaker is by Gershman. The bass is insanely powerful for the foot print. Similar comments for the high end Paradigm models with the built in plate amplifier for the woofers.


It isn't hard to get lots of low bass, quite often rather poorly controlled but it is very hard to get really good well controlled low bass.

I have two speakers that are excellent at low bass (one is 3dB down at 23 Hz and the other at 20 Hz.  Implementing well controlled low bass is hard to do and probably impossible to do cheaply except in boom boxes 

There is a big difference between low bass and just a lot of bass.

@tonywinga - enjoyed your description from the manufacturer side!


For pounding rock with deep bass the large JBL's are great. The specs on the low end say 33HZ.  IF I had the money I would demo these baby's