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Speakers - Your "Safest" Choice
Speakers with deep/powerful bass
Some the best bass I have heard in a conventional floor standing speaker is by Gershman. The bass is insanely powerful for the foot print. Similar comments for the high end Paradigm models with the built in plate amplifier for the woofers.    
After years of separates, I'm going integrated. Anyone else do the same?
I have a beautiful sounding Luxman integrated, which has allowed me to feed a secondary system with that awesome Speakers A/B/A&B. Now my secondary system is fed by a great front end  common to both systems. This is one key advantage of a trad... 
"warm" solid state integrated amplifier
My Luxman solid state is incredibly smooth.  
Amplification: what are the biggest advances of the last 40 years?
The Eigentakt modules, the Bryston Salomie circuit, subwoofer amplifiers and speakers with built-in amps with complex DSP room correction.  
Music streamers
By far best forum I've seen on Audiogon in a while, great conversation and learning 👍 
seeking ‘HORN’ ideas apart from Klipshc Lascalla
Checkout, https://josephcrowe.com/He has some incredible horn designs, and can do full custom work. 
Denon DVD2900 Vs Marantz Dv8400.
Do any Marantz DV8400 owners out there have a problem with a loss of center channel signal while veiewing DD 5.1 or DTS movies? It happens to me about 30% of the time while I'm watching movies. I simply hit pause and then play again and the proble...