Speakers sounding dull? MUST READ! The truth about speaker design!

Do your speakers sound dull and lifeless?  Well that's because speakers are not made from real musicians, or even real musical instruments.  Well I alone have a solution for this...





"The funniest thing on earth right now is how Kenjit confused this thread with his own"

- I know, but remember eric, he lives in a state a confusion.  


The pion took the bait

Another see you next Tuesday moment from the Kenidjit.


Thats interesting. But a speaker system has to reproduce the signal doesnt it? The only question remaining is how accurately it does this. Its not a matter of opinion because sound is nothing but movement of the air. You dont need a person to have sound. Either the sound is an accurate replica of the input or it isnt. Most of the time it isnt. 

The tweeter response will be modified by the cabinet it is placed in. This is loudspeaker design 101. 

There is no point arguing about this. Tim, you still think that you can design a crossover without knowing what the cabinet looks like. If you go on partsexpress or diyaudio, there will be plenty of experts on there who will quickly point out how wrong you are.