Speakers for Pathos

My name is Sergey.I have some problem with choosing of loudspeakers for my amplifier. My current Dynaudio contour 1.1 loudspeakers can't unveal full amplifiers potential. Can you please help me and suggest a couple loudspeakers model brands for my amplifier Pathos?
Thank You!
P.S.Sorry for my English!
Is your Pathos a 70w or 50 w version? If you like the speakers ..just move to a beefier amplifier. If not you need a more sensitive speaker like Soliloquys, Klipschorns,Silverlines or Coincidents to name a few.
Pathos Classic One MK2, 70w.Unfortunately these speaker are inaccessible in my region (Europe, Czech Republic)
I've heard Triangle speakers mated with the Pathos Classic One before. The sound they make together is quite musical and sensuous.
The Classic One sounded absolutely marvellous with my Vienna Acoustics Beethovens, though I did blow a fuse a couple of times listening to bass heavy material at generous volumes. A very good match together, nonetheless.
What do you think about compatibility Pathos Classic One and Sonus Faber Concerto Domus speakers?