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CES05: AlexisPark 1562: comments
Crytical, make sure you have enough power on your amp(s) for the Elacs to come alive. I heard Fab Audio with an 8-watt amp and the speakers were rocking. 
Which Patricia Barber album floats yer boat?
Yawn... There are more interesting artists deserving a listen than Patricia Barber. 
My CES/T.H.E. Show impressions
Although the attendance is down this year (exhibitors, dealers and industry affiliates alike), there's still much to cover in 4 days, especially if one took time to pay attention to details in each room. I will post more information as I have a ch... 
Subwoofer for Magnepan 1.6's
Martin Logans also mate well with planars. Their subwoofers are also compact in size and can produce tight bass. 
Speakers for Pathos
I've heard Triangle speakers mated with the Pathos Classic One before. The sound they make together is quite musical and sensuous. 
Favorite Movie Soundtrack
-The Mission-The English Patient-Tous Les Matins Du Monde 
Center Channel Upgrade: Pls.recommend MTM w.Ribbon
The VMPS LRC is on my short list because it uses the Bohlender Graebner Neo PDR5000 which would be a great match to my BG Z Series multi-channel tower system. The only problem is my shelf clearance is only 9.5". I believe the LRC is 11" in width. ... 
San Francisco Symphony Mahler 7th
I was there and it was truly marvelous. He makes it sound easy even though it's quite tricky to conduct due to the many sudden tempo changes within one same movement. I have to admit that the release of the SACD may not use much from the Thursday ... 
Anyone Heard the McCormack UDP-1?
There's a review by kr4 in Stereophile. 
Reference quality SACD/DVD-A recommendations?
Will do. However, please be patient. The list will take time, especially if you want comparision with redbook counterparts. 
Smetana Ma Vlast
This is why collecting classical music is interesting. You can't just have one version. The Gramophone magazine is the only one I know of that has a special section dedicated to a major work each month. In this section, you will read an in-depth a... 
Smetana Ma Vlast
On CD, both versions with Rafael Kubelik are quite special. I think the one on Supraphon slightly edges over the one on Orfeo as regards spontaneity because this is a live performance, Rafael's first return to his homeland after a long period of e... 
KT100 is better than KT88?
This is very helpful. Thank you. 
CD pcm to ................SACD dsd "Wish List"
Solti's Ring Cycle on Decca (but must transferred/remastered correctly...none of that 16/44,1Khz multi-channel non-sense), Tristan und Isolde with Karl Bohm on DG, Berlioz' Nuits d'Ete with Regine Crespin on Decca, (1) of Bellini's Norma with Mari... 
Any feedback on how good the Marantz SA-11 is?
Did you do a search? If not, please do so. It's been debated to the hilt.