Speaker Wire suggestions for feeding Rockport Atria II’s?

All: Looking for suggestions, or better yet, experience! Have a SS Constellation amp, fed with Madison Audio silver interconnects (Madison does not yet have matching speaker wire). Currently using Audience Au24 SX I have from a previous iteration of my system. Definitely sounds good, but I feel something’s missing, just can’t place exactly what. Bottom end detail and impact are my closest gut feeling. Maybe overall presentation a bit weak compared to when I’ve heard these speaks before. 

Anyway, I prefer a more lush presentation, would like to stay away from the “Bright” side of things. I know Rockport uses Transparent internally, but their better stuff is not in the budget right now. So, let me know what you think! Thanks in advance. 😁
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Madison audio DOES make speaker cables (E3 Extreme 1).  They are copper, however, but with what you are asking for (“lush presentation”) these may be just what you need.

+1 yakbob! That Dueland should do quite well, even at 12 ga single-run! I think "wire maniacs" that believe in the efficacy of fancy expensive wire are caught up in a neurotic obsession!
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