Speaker Recs for McIntosh and Jupiter Combo?

I have a McIntosh integrated amp and Jupiter CDP. My Tannoys may have gone kapoit. To entertain myself while the speakers are repaired, if they can be, what other speakers do you folks recommend? Nothing too bright.
You might want to look into some of the current model
Thiel speakers. I have an all McIntosh system except for my CD Player; and I'm using Thiel 3.5s - which sound better
than ever.
Some folks tend to classify Thiel speakers as being "too
bright". Quite frankly, I find them very revealing of
inadequate upstream sources. As you have a great CD player
and electronics; I think you might be pleasantly surprised
if you listen to some Thiels.
If you're looking for something perhaps temporary, or maybe even long term, when I was buying my McIntosh equipment the dealer hooked up a pair of PSB Stratus Bronze's, the cheapest of the Stratus series, apologizing that that was the best he had just then and admitting that they would not compare to my B&W Matrix 802's. But I was extremely impressed with the combination - very pleasing midrange and mid bass, and pretty good all around. Ebay sells loads of these. Many argue the Silver i's are the best of all three. I had the Gold's in my system (with the Mac) for a long time, and thoroughly enjoyed it. For the money, the bronze is really a good value though.