Speaker Recommendation for iDecco

After a few months with the ERA DS4.5's I feel like the soundstage isn't quite what I'm looking for in my secondary system. It seems small with minimal depth.

So far I've only auditioned the Nola Boxers. The speakers sounded great to my tin ears but a little directional. When I shifted only sightly from the center spot the soundstage just collapsed and I could easily locate the speakers even with my eyes closed. The dealer is a great guy and offered to let me take them home for a few weeks so I will likely give that a try. Another contender I'm considering trying is the Ohm Acoustics 1000 speaker but I never heard them. The omnidirectional concept is interesting to me but the WAF might be an issue.

With the iDecco I will need speakers that are relatively easy to drive in my small 14X11 room. I listen mostly to jazz, blues and some R&B (the real stuff,,not that processed garbage being produced today,,,enough of my ranting). Now the hard part,,,my budget is limited to a maximum of $2,000. The less the better. Used is OK as well.

Any input would be appreciated.
in my small bedroom i am having great results with magnepan mmgs and my decco. i am very suprised and did this just to experiment. the room is 12 x 14. i read it has 60 watts into 4 ohms. the system will not play extremely loud but that isn,t what i need in a bedroom stereo anyway. good luck
I used an iDecco with Dynaudio Excite X12 speakers. It had enough power to drive these speakers to satisfying levels in my bedroom.
Peachtree and Zu are definitely a very good match. Have heard the Boxer but not with Peachtree. The Boxer is an exceptional speaker.
How far are you sitting from the DS4.5? They are designed to be listened to right in the nearfield ie. on a desk as computer speakers. I have mine setup like this and I think they are completely great.

If you are sitting a few feet away from them, then they are not the right speaker.

Try some of the bigger era/Peachtree speakers, like the era 4 or 5. I have the 4s in my bedroom and they are great
Audience ClairAudient speakers are among the best imagers (and music makers) available. They're remarkable. The new Audience The One speaker is a very small monitor with big sound: 7x6x5.5" with a single proprietary 3" driver and a passive radiator. But don't discount the size if you want true transparency, dynamics, and musicality. It's not up on the Audienc-av website, yet, but you can call them. The One apparently made a big splash at CES. Check Greg Weaver's CES report on Positive-Feedback; he called The One "truly stunning." Don't overlook this One!
I've had great results with both Rega RS5's and the much more sensitive Decware ERR's.
Without a doubt I'm sitting too far away (7 feet?)form the ERAs. I'm running out the door to hear some Quads now. The Decware ERRs form what little I know seem idential to the OHMs. I wish I could hear. The Ohm offer a much longer home audition period.
For a room that small, and with imaging high on your values, I recommend something with a near-ideal point-source plus a small powered subwoofer to match bass output to a rather small room. Two great candidates are the:

Gallo Nucleus Micro satellites mated to one of their outstanding powered subwoofers or a

Mirage Omnisat trio such as the Omnisat 3 FS (floorstanding model) plus MM-8 sub, an unobtrusive 9" cube.

Both of these sat/sub combos have stunning transparency and imaging. The Gallo favors holographic imaging while the Mirage presents a sit-or-stand-anywhere realistic stable soundstage. The Mirage also has great dynamic capabilities and would scale up well to a larger room. Either sat/sub combo will be an easy load on your Peachtree and your wallet, and present true high end sound with excellent imaging and/or soundstaging.