speaker outs to rca adapter....OK for headphones?

I do not have a headphone amp currently. I DO have a Jolida 102b with NOS tubes. I am wondering if I can use a speaker to RCA (or phono plug) adapter to power my headphones.

If the answer is yes, or maybe, does anyone know of a quality speaker level to RCA/phono plug adapter? There are plenty of very cheap things but looking for something of higher quality.
Ne'er mind; just ran two cheap Radio Shack speaker wire > RCA > mini plug adapter. Am using the Jolida 102b speaker terminals to drive the headphones directly. I am using the tuner input so I have full volume/balance facilities.

It sounds great so far and that is with a cheap wire, cheap rca plugs, and an adapter too many. Will build a better wire one of these weeks.

So, a used Jolida 102b can be had for under 400, is easy to upgrade, and NOS tubes are easy to find for it and do not cost a small fortune. This would be a good amp for the AKG-K1000 phones, too, I suspect.

My headphones are Ultrasone HFI-650. They are a closed ear design, have a very nice and neutral sound with excellent bass, and are of moderate efficiency as the 20 watt Jolida does take about third volume to play at moderate levels via the phones.

I am wondering if there would be any improvement with that Antique Sound Lab UHF Signature passive box which has speaker inputs and rca outs and a transformer between them to match impedance.

Anybody have any experience with that ASL box?
Give the AKG 1000 a listen.They are specificaly designed to be run off the speaker post.I have mine hooked up to CARY 805's for headphone listening....'SONIC BLISS'
I have my eyes open for a used pair of the akg cans hitting audiogon; am pretty happy with the Ultrasone and Grado sr125 cans so far.