Speaker Dilemma: Sat/Sub or Bookshelf for Office

I am outfitting my office with an audio system and I'm thinking abou the speakers that will be driven by a Magnum Dynalab MD-208 receiver and a CD player (TBD). The question is, should I get a satelite/subwoofer system and place it on my desk facing me or should I instead get bookshelf speakers to be placed in some random location in the room (smallish room)? The sat/sub systems seem to lack in quality, although Aego2 seems reasonable or the Nucleus Micro. Any other recs here? The bookshelf speakers would be more difficult to place, but they would seem to have better hi-fi sound. For this, I am thinking all the way from the budget Mission R71 to Linn Kans to KEF RDM2s to Silverline SR-12 (small and easy to place) to Merlin TSM. This being an office system I'm hesitant to spends high dollars, but thinking long-term I might use the speakers elsewhere. Has anyone else solved this problem before? These speakers would be used for all-day listening. In time I might experiment with small tube amps and passive preamps or otherwise so something that's easy to drive may be a consideration. Thanks!
Budrew, the 208 is a bit of overkill in terms of power considering you will have the speaker quite close to your ears. Like you said, a small tube amp might be a better choice. Take the money you will save on the 208 and put it towards a better Tuner like the Magnum Etude or MD100 or MD102. The MD90 inside the 208 is very good but lacks imaging and soundstaging compared to the Etude/MD100 model. Since you'll be listening for hours on end at the office, the tuner seems like the best idea for continuous quality sound (depending on your local stations).For the cd player, depending if you want lots of music vs quality, I would get a carousel transport and a Bel Canto DAC 1. For speakers, I am very curious as to what your choice will be because I am considering doing the same thing over here.
Bud, what size is your office? If it's anything like mine there's sufficient room for some ML Aerius. They take up very little floorspace and can be kept relatively close to the back wall without any major problems. Saves on buying quality stands too. I know, it may seem like overkill but like you I listen in my office 10 hours a day (a lot more than my main system). Jeff
I use Linn Tukans in my (13x15)office placed diagonally behind me.I face my workstation in the other corner. It avoids listener fatigue and for a quick break all you need to do is turn in your chair to listen. I tend to be a low bass freak (Dunlavy V's in the main system and lots of pipe organ music). But I don't miss it in the office system and actually find it distracting.

I just did a quick measurement and less than 1 watt is all that I'm using.

Interesting thread. I'm thinking of upgrading, since like Jeff I'm spending 10+ hours here, so I wonder what others suggest.
Interesting point, that having the speakers behind and at an angle is less fatiguing. The cheap sat/sub system I have now right in front of me on either side of my monitor does get fatiguing and I find myself turning them down a lot (of course, they're bad speakers anyway). In this case I'm looking for background music that sounds good. The Magnum Dynalab receiver probably is overkill, but I originally purchased it for another purpose where simplicty plus a great tuner was ideal, but that purpose didn't pan out so i thought I would adopt it in my office. I originally planned on having a small system in my office with an FT Audio passive preamp and a couple of inexpensive Wave tube amps. Don't really need a tuner in there. The receiver may end up for sale as new-in-box on Audiogon (but it sure is beautiful too). Shoot, maybe I'll put the preamp and tube amps in the bedroom if my wife accepts the notion. Or just sell the preamp as new on Audiogon. Hmmm...

But back to the point of speakers. I think the Linn Kans will fit the bill: musical, small, and easily back up against a wall.