Speaker Cables for Soundlab's &/or Electrostatics

Presently, I'm using an approx. 5-year old Synergistic Research designed speaker cable for my Soundlab M1PX speakers.

I recently tried a pair of Kimber Bi-Focal XL cables and they improved upper frequencies and imaging enough, to consider upgrading my S/R cables.

I also tried Straight Wire's: “Expressivo”. At about half the cost of the Kimber’s, they were very, very close to them sonically.

A pair of Magnan Audio “Signature” Cables were also tried. I had read that these were found to be a good fit with either Soundlabs or electrostatics in general, but in my case (i.e., with my CAT amps.), they were quite unacceptable.

I've read that perhaps Soundlabs, but electrostatics in general, prefer cables with:

• low inductance
• low capacitance
• medium impedance

However, rarely are these specifications published, and when they are, I haven't a clue in this instance, what "low" and "medium" translates to, value wise?

In addition the S/R's that I own and what I have already auditioned, I'm looking for a starting place re. the vast assortment of speaker cables that are available -- i.e., I wonder what other cables I should audition?

What are you using with your Soundlabs &/or electrostatics?
You've already done almost everything you need to do. There's absolutely no substitute for an actual demo. So no matter what is recommended, I wouldn't go for it unless you actually listen to it. (Its very tempting to not demo when people say "if you like cable A, get cable B. Its just like it, but better.)

Wireworld would be a logical choice. Since you seem to like stranded cables, you may like Cardas as well.
Try Sanders Sound. They make e-stats and speaker cables that are designed for them. Their speaker cables are coaxial and have low inductance and low capacitance as well. They are reasonably priced and work well in my system.
Zd542 is right of course. This is the way to go. Every system, every room, every ones preferences and every ones ears are different.
For interest sake I believe Sanders use Mogami coax speaker cable for their speakers, most importantly for low capacitance. I've seen an intresting white paper on his web site regarding speaker cables and electrostatic speaker iteraction . Below is a URL to the Mogami cable, I use Nordost with my stats due to their low inductance but more importantly their low capacitance but in the end you have to satisfy your own ears . http://www.mogamicable.com/category/bulk/speaker_cable/pure_sound/
Thanks Zd542 and Detlof: I certainly concur that auditioning all components -- let alone cables -- preferably in the room they will reside, is the best method of selection. But I was hoping to use folk’s recommendations to whittle the vast array of cables down to what they were having good luck with on their Soundlabs or stats.

There are very few cable brands available locally and while the Cable Company provides a great auditioning avenue, rather than throwing darts at their lending library database, I was hoping to find a dartboard with a little less randomness(grin).

Sarcher30: I appreciate the Sanders Sound suggestion. I see that you're using these on your Innersounds. BTW, while I enjoyed seeing your system -- especially the gorgeous birdseye maple plinth -- the GTO is spectacular!
"There are very few cable brands available locally and while the Cable Company provides a great auditioning avenue, rather than throwing darts at their lending library database, I was hoping to find a dartboard with a little less randomness(grin)."

Its good you brought Cable Co up. Using them is not as random as you may think. I've been dealing with them for a long time now. Its pretty much the only way I buy cables. Every time they lend cables, feedback is collected either verbally or in writing per a form they give you. That info is stored in their data base and they use it for future reference. So, for example, if your Soundlabs have been in production for 10 years, they will have 10 years of feedback from customers that have those speakers. That's no guarantee, of course, but it can be a big help. Also, the sales people there have a lot of experience, so if you tell them what you like, its very likely they can narrow things down to some good choices.

In my first post, I should have been more clear about something. I said Wire World would be a logical choice. If you don't already know, in the early 90's the designer/founder of Straight Wire left the company and founded Wire World cables. I don't know what the story currently is with Straight Wire, but it doesn't look like they've changed much over the last 20 years, or so. You can think of Wire World as a continuation of Straight Wire. (Like I said, though, I may not know the whole story. There may be details to all this that I don't know about. I just thought it worth mentioning.)