Speaker cable/Power cord/Interconnect Interference

Do you folks route your cables/power cords in such a way that they don't touch each other? A couple of my old amps have captive power cords and sit on the floor due to their weight and behind them the cords, interconnects (from the preamp), and the speaker cables coming out back are laid down bundled together along the wall. On my other newer amp, the speaker terminals on one side sit right above the IEC plug and the cables are right next to the cord for several inches. Just wondering what everyone else does when routing the various "wires" and if there's a general principle the needs to be followed. I read a few opinions on the subject and it seemed to vary to absolutely important to a non issue. Just wondering how the experts here think about it. Speaking of interference, what about having an LCD TV within a few feet of the audio gear like preamp, streamer, DAC, etc., and the associated cabling mentioned above? Thanks.
some space is good - cross cables at 90 degrees

a few feet is not a problem (unless your components are incredibly poorly designed)

do you hear any hum?

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I agree with randy-11's comments.
To that, I would add that I always keep power cords, speaker cables etc off the floor, elevated on some type of riser device, home made or other.
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