Speaker Binding Posts for Kef 104-2

Has anyone replaced the speaker binding posts on a pair of Kef 104-2 vintage speakers? If so, can you recommend a manufacturer and source to purchase them from.

Thanks any help.




take a picture of your 104's rear binding post area and post it here

104.2's of different year of manufacture had different post arrangements, some were direct mounted to the rear cabinet fascia, later ones had an inset cubbie where the posts were mounted...

I have 2 sets of Kef 104-2 speakers. One has brass speaker binding posts and the other set has a combination of plastic and metal binding posts. It is this pair that I want to change the binding posts on. Looking at the inside of the speaker there is a round milled recess on the inside of back panel. The binding post have a nut which secures the wire to the post and it appears as though the posts are attached to the speaker with a nut as well.