Southwest Michigan Audio Clubs

I am wondering if there any active audio clubs in the southwest michigan area.  I am located in Holland, MI.  I have seen a couple of posts but they are quite old, so I am not sure whether they are still active.


Bill Pringle


Just relocated back in Western Michigan (Grand Haven) and have been looking for others with similar interests in music and audio. It would be great to get together with others to share experiences.

If you would like to get together and compare notes and see if we can stir up any interest, let me know. (7023497277).

Jack Cook

You all are way too far south for me. I'm up in Cheboygan 15 miles from the Big Mac.

dadork - Sorry you are such a long drive from here, but thanks for the reply.

boxer12 - Good to hear that you are near by. Thinking we should give this thread a little time to see if it atracks some more attention. Maybe get together for breakfast/lunch in a week or so and get acquainted?