SoundAnchor stands or Black Racing cones???

I need some help from my audiophile fellows. I just bought a pair of B&W 803 Nautilus and I am wondering what is best, placing them on SoundAnchors stands designed for them by SoundAnchor or on 4 sets (each) of Black Racing cones and pitts over a slab of granite?

Any help with opinions will be appreciated.
I have SA amp stands and they are great. They really help provide a foundation to the sound. Other stands didn't do the same trick. I've heard great things about their speaker stands with B+W speakers.
I've tried the BDR cones, (not under speakers) and have been underwhelmed.
Hope this helps!
Sound Anchor is by far the best solid stand I have seen, I presently use them for my equipment stand.

If you have the extra $$$, I would suggest you screw the BDR cones onto the SA stands, then put the Pits under it. The result will be amazing.
I would look at the Mapleshade stands. I have recently replaced the stands for my Spendor S 100s made by Sound Anchor with their Quadrapier stands. The improvement was considerable. They also have some stands which lift the speakers only slightly off the floor but put them atop a thick spiked maple platform. There was a recent article in Hi Fi News showing the effect of vibrations in heavy metal stands, from my own recent experience I am going to stay with heavy wood stands. Stan PS they are much better looking.
I have had incredible results placing 3 Aurios(ball bearing)under each of my Dynaudio Temptations. Might give them a try. Incidently, I have a Sound Anchors rack system with Aurios under it, also!