SonicTransporter i9 Optical

I'm currently using a NUCi7 with a Akasa case and LPS running Room ROCK, connected via USB to my Denafrips Gaia, then via i2S to my Terminator Plus. I've just acquired a Sonore OpticalRendu, but am waiting until my new LPS arrives before I can connect it.

I plan to connect the NUC to the B side of my EtherRegen and then use the A side SFP interface to connect to the Sonore. 

The question is whether I should be considering an upgrade to the SonicTransporter i9 Optical to replace my NUC and connect using fiber to the Sonore. In this case, I'd probably use the EtherRegen between my home network and the ST, but I may just sell it instead.

Is anyone using this configuration? Is this a worthwhile upgrade?
Bumping this to see if there is anyone with experience with the SonicTransporter i9 Optical. I'm particularly interested in whether you've used HQPlayer running on this server, and/or with the Denafrips Terminator or Terminator Plus. Thanks.
Yes, I'm familiar with the product and would be using it to run Roon core. I'd also like to experiment with HQPlayer, but I don't really have a feel for what this brings to the table, and whether the benefits are worth it given the rest of my system (streamer feeds a Denafrips Gaia DDC via USB, which feeds my Denafrips Terminator Plus via I2S)..
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