SME 30/2 Controller

Looking to get some questions answered regarding a 2004 30/2 turntable. The controller has the knob instead of push buttons and I believe it to be the 2nd generation as the box is longer format. Does the latest controller work with the existing motor?

 The O-Rings are original and the table has been in the box unused since 2009. Is a belt and new rings needed because of age?

 The platter is the mustard/green color but it seems that it was not a change other than color.

 If anyone knows pricing please enlighten me!

 Thanks for any help.


Fluid damper of the tonearms is of course different from the turntable suspension dashpots.

Reading the 30/2 manual makes it obvious that the turntable’s dashpot damping increases rigidity. Less damping by their “up to 2mm” recommendation will make the upper subchassis less rigid, providing for an increase in isolation for severe situations.

More critical thinking reveals that damping does not equate to isolation here.

It certainly used to be possible to buy the new controller: I bought one shortly after it came out. You were supposed to return the old one in part-exchange (I managed not to, so I have both). 

What you report suggests to me that maybe SME is about to replace the current controller with a new model - this might happen simply because they can no longer source some of the components used in the current one - and do not wish to have customers upgrading to it only to find shortly after that it has been superceded. 

Apart from this, I imagine SME must be willing to sell customers replacement controllers. What happens if a tank runs over yours (or it is stolen)? Are you supposed to buy a whole new turntable? 


I am not business savvy in any way, and couldn’t tell a revenue stream from a slap in the face, but I too find it odd that SME will, apparently, not sell items that customers patently want to buy.

Quite why the V arm (all arms??) were withdrawn from standalone sale is beyond my understanding. What do Michell, Avid, etc do now, go to Rega for arms? It appears that to buy a V arm now you have to purchase how high up the TT ladder? 6, 10, 12, 15, 20, 30?? A product well-loved, or at least respected, by most in this arena, and marketed as ’the best pick-up arm in the world’ is now essentially not for sale. Glad I have mine, and it’s not going anywhere near any tanks.

PG was there are noticeable difference between the 2 controllers? Is so what did the new controller add? 

I certainly remember hearing a slight lowering of the noise floor, giving the music just a little more presence. But it was some years ago, and I would not wish to make too strong a claim. In any case I remember it as being slight but worthwhile. I certainly did not think, 'I will pack this up and send it back'. 

With the new controller it is somewhat easier to adjust the speed (on the older one it was necessary to insert a special screwdriver).