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This is only a question. I’m a novice trying to understand how 3.5mm mics work on a PC and why some devices can and can’t power them. I have a modmic which came with a cheap syba adapter (which works but has flaws). When I plug the mic directly into a PC’s motherboard the volume is super low and can’t be heard well. I also tried plugging it into a different PC that has an old Audigy RX soundcard and the same is true. Why do mics like this require a USB adapter? Also the adapter kinda sucks so I was going to grab a Play! 4 or something similar but I can’t find proper numbers (like voltages) to see what adapters can power 3.5mm microphones https://omegle.onl/ .

On a side note I was looking into getting a Giant Squid (cheap lavalier mic) since I like how it sounds and I’m on a budget. How will I know if the mic can work on a PC, sound card, or adapter if nothing lists the power they output? The mic requires between 1.5v up to 10v.

Thank you for explaining the concept.


I suggest doing a search on phantom power and the difference between active and passive mics.


Here's an example of adding a Modmic to a mixer which may help you as well - https://antlionaudio.com/blogs/news/using-a-modmic-with-a-mixer-the-basics

Lot of detail missing in terms of make/models involved, but it could be that you are plugging a dynamic mike into the 3.5 mm line level input.

Line level inputs look for 1 or 2 volts from the source (e.g., the output level of a CD player or tuner, etc.) and dynamic mikes don't put out anything close to that, which is why many microphones (and phono cartridges) need a pre-preamp to bring the output up to the needed line level. 

Some gear does have the appropriate preamp built in (think an integrated amp with a phono input or a tape recorder with a true mike input) but that doesn't sound like the case in your situation.

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