Shuguang Treasure Series KT120


Can anyone explain to me what happened to these tubes? They are not available that I can find. They are rated better than the Tung-Sol but I can't seem to find them anywhere. Were they discontinued?


Can’t verify anything but whatever buzz they generated at first seemed to die down when reports of failures and quality issues rolled in. Then they weren’t for sale anymore. I guess sellers got tired of dealing with customer complaints. Personally I will stay far far away from them if they ever appear again. 

On the heels of the reported musical chairs shuffle of designers and employees between Shuguang, PSVANE, and TFJM downsizing of tubes, and the Shuguang factory fire, there seemed to be reports of uncertainty about production 2019-2020.  

It was also hard to tell what was leftover inventory at online retail sellers in 2020-2021, and then supplies of various tubes seemed to be "out of stock" just after COVID it us all.  Around mid 2021-2022 started seeing new version Shuguang, PSVANE, Linlai tubes, started showing up for sale again. Some reporting Shuguang was not fully shut down and still in production with "some" tubes, not all. My newer latest version MKII PSVANE small signal tubes sounding better than versions prior to 2017. Fast forward 2022, various new tubes showing up again.   

Any news on this front? Should I start a new thread? I'm starting to have some replacement anxiety on these babies. Don't need any per se just wanted an opinion or update