shout out to Veloce, amazing customer service

I have read several threads here about very poor levels of customer service, especially at the price points many of us pay for our gear. I wish to provide a shout out for an extraordinary and exemplary level of customer service I recently had with Veloce. I purchased a used Veloce Litho series tubed preamp here on the 'Gon. The seller stated it was in perfect condition, but failed to disclose he had a faulty power board. Instead of paying the money to ship the unit from CA to PA, he had them send him the board and he replaced it himself. Guess what? His install was crappy, and the connectors became loose, creating an internal short and hum.
Even though I purchased this unit used, I contacted Vytas of Veloce, He helped me trouble shoot the unit at home, before concluding that a serious issue was present, and provided me clear instructions on how to return the unit to him. Even during the busy holiday season, he placed the unit on his bench within one day of receipt, quickly discovered the problem...remembered that he mailed out the replacement board on this unit, and fixed it. In addition, he added a Cinema bypass feature for me, and completely checked over the entire unit, and confirmed its now working as new. I just received the unit back today. Not only is it sounding better than ever, I was blown away by the care in packing. He treated it like a new unit, he sealed both the battery charger, and unit in new plastic, and shipped in back to me in a brand new shipping container, double boxed! When I had issues with my VAC preamp, VAC never took this level of care in packaging, or providing a new box without extra chargers.
I know Veloce is little known, and not widely available on the 'Gon. I love my battery powered tube preamp, its amazing detail, quiet, and simply passes thru the sense of the original source material.
I can't guarantee that if fellow 'Goners buy Veloce that they will experience this same unbelievable level of customer service, but I did, and feel that its important to recognize and honor the folks who work hard to make our hobby special. Veloce sounds like its European, but is made, and designed here in the USA, outside of Philly, PA. Glad to be able to support them, and encourage other vendors to try to emulate their philosophy of service first....
Thanks, Vytas...and Happy New Year.
With a name like Veloce who would of thought. I am glad you received good service.

That is good to hear. I bought the Lithio brand new, after listening to one in my system. It was a revelation, and I’ve been very happy with it. Vytas is a very nice guy, good company, great product. It seemed to have a ’buzz’ in audio circles several years ago, but like many things in our fickle hobby, may now be overlooked. I have no urge to find something different, and the unit works well in my system in combination with a phono stage and pair of SET amps from other manufacturers.
I'm sorry I wasn't clear...when I first installed the used unit, it appeared to work fine....the fault developed about 4 months after purchase...its too bad that the seller wasn't more honest...most of my purchases on the 'Gon have gone well...for me, this was an exception. I wanted the factory to modify and install the HT bypass unity gain feature anyway, so no harm, no foul...but now that the unit has been returned, its performing at a better level, and I'm pleased.