Sherman Oaks, CA

I am interested in meeting other audiophiles in my area. So please disregard the club idea of my other posting. I would just like to get to know other people who have the same passion for music and its reproduction as I do. Also, I would like to hear other peoples setups so that I can become more knowledgeable.

I'm down near the beach in San Pedro, but I'd make the drive to the Valley for a good listeing sessiona and some audio talk. Please let me knwo when & if you are having a get together.

Btw, the size of your Dynaudio's make me feel a whole lot better about my Cain & Cains.
Here is a great way to meet people, hear from manufactures, learn about components, and listen to fabulous systems.

Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society
Hi Zargon,

I've actually been to two meetings of the LAOCAS and it was a great time. Lots of highly experienced people there to get advice and input from.

But, smaller get togethers at people's home also have their own advantages that larger meetings do not. First and foremost, a much better opportunity to listen to a system in a comfortable, real world, home setting. And chances to experience a much wider range of equipment brands, both old and new.

But, I will be hitting the June & July LAOCAS meetings.
I have had experience with this group and I do not recommend joining. You will not find quality gear in this organization. Certainly nothing that matches yours.
Gee, sorry your experience was not so good.

I have been a member over 2 years, and have gone to many events where top of the line manufacturers were present giving demos. I have also met many audiophiles who love and know music, and have carefully put together some great systems. Overall it has been a good place to learn, share and have fun.
It's so bizarre to say there is no quality gear there. I host a cook out for LAOCAS every year (I don't think I am this year...for personal reasons a one year break is right)

I look for no biz from it. Its a party. In fact I avoid trying to sell a thing. Cary Audio founder Dennis Had and co-owner Billy Wright flew out from North Carolina just for it. We had a riot.

The group has grown a lot, the head dude, Bob Levy, is a man that I can learn lessons from as he is a BUILDER of things much larger than a club. He works it, but in a giving way....not a taker.

As to quality gear...we had one of three pair of Sonus Faber Strads in North America here. That's not quality?


Change your name dude. I have made some decent scratch but one of my hedge fund customers made more in a day that I did last year. Doesn't flaunt it. My #2 rich dude dresses in t-shirts and jeans and tennis shoes. And besides that there are many ways to be rich
That thread is closed. And my comments were unwarranted. On-line (and in the flesh) perceptions are not always what they seem.

Anyway...the LAOCAS is a great club of fine folks. And is heading in a good orderly direction. The #1 thing about it is there are some newbies there

There was a club in the Bay Area (San Francisco)that I spoke at years ago. Many of the guys were never gonna be my customers as they had many DYI/dumpster diver re-build types.

I'll send you a private e-mail about other stuff