selling Dual CS721 fail

I posted a pristine perfect unmolested CS721 with V15 type III with maybe 50 sides of play in the past 33 YEARS, even INSIDE another enclosed cabinet. and all I got was tire kickers. so i pulled it off.I'm thinking about just parting it out. dust covers bring $60 the cartridge would bring $150 and well you know the rest. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Xuj, I used to own a Shopping Mall with 50 renters selling items costing .50 cents to diamonds worth $ 50,000.00 and in their experiences when something didn't sell it usually needed a price adjustment. I suggest you take a closer look at the percieved value of your item. I think you have two options try a different market or adjust your price ! Good luck, part of your market is as good as Duals are, the all in one, Duals, Miracord, Garrards, are not as popular with the world market as in the past. David