sell the system or piece it out

I have a high end system.

ayre electronics, vandersteen 5's, shunyata, correct cables and power cords

Is it better to piece it out or sell as a system?

Try waiting until the fall to sell. I've been trying to sell a tube amp for the past two months and have not gotten any offers.

Selling separately would be better. Most people want to upgrade components. They are not interested in an entire system.
I agree with Bigby--most assembled systems, be they DSLR-camera or hi-end-audio systems, will bring more money if sold separately.

The V-steen 5s are rare enough that they should sell quickly, even this summer.

What's the finish on the 5s and where are you/them?
vandersteens 5 are finished in rare african tiger oak, and I live on long island,