Seeking Opinions on "Vera-Fi Audio LLC" 10" and 12" Subwoofers

I'm reaching out to gather opinions and insights regarding the performance of Vera-Fi Audio LLC's 10" and 12" subwoofers. Despite my efforts, there appears to be limited information available online about these specific models.

I'm particularly interested in hearing from users who have had the opportunity to experience these subwoofers in their homes and have compared them to offerings from well-known brands such as Rythmik, SVS, HSU and REL. How does the performance of Vera-Fi Audio LLC's subwoofers stack up against those of established brands?

While I've come across a few reviews for the 10" version, I haven't been able to find any information on the 12" model. Any input or experiences you can share would be immensely helpful in my decision-making process.

Any input would be appreciated.


I own the rhythmik they are expensive but it’s worth the price, rel are good too. For music I believe the Verafi will be just fine.Call Mark he will tell you more about those sub. He is a very nice humble guy.

If a subwoofer can't get below 20hz (sbwoof, sbwoof), it is not a subwoofer, but a lowly woofer (woof, woof).

No specs posted, no measurements on website...could imply that it has as much extension as a woofer, not a subwoofer (In other words, the specs are so bad that they are embarrassed to post it).

If you want a 10inch sub that hits below 20hz, (qualify as a subwoofer to begin with), the ELAC Varro RS500-SB is 1200 bucks. You won't be getting that for 300 dollars!

Other popular 12inch or above options that "qualify" as subwoofers are Rythmik, HSU, SVS.

Smallsub exceptions: Rythmik also has a dual 8 inch. KEF has a dual 6 inch (that qualifies as subwoofers).



Happy Holiday

The Caldera 10's have been shipping for weeks. 

The Caldera 12 is new - we have a few pictures posted

The 10 does nicely - we will post specs before the second batch arrive in 3 weeks

We see -6dB at 27Hz in Room. Good reviews out there already 

The Caldera 12 Alpha is in house - 1st 100x in 5 weeks. 

Spec's and more on our site in a few weeks.  


Thanks again - Mark