Scott Integrated tube amps?...worth it sonically?

In all my years around this stuff, I've owned a couple of vintage tube integrateds, except a Scott! I'm considering picking up an old Scott LK72B tube integrated, with about 30-40 w/ch stereo. It uses 7591 tubes(4). I have had used Dynaco's, Golden Tubes, Sonic Frontiers, Mac's, and Jolida's in the past, but no experience with the Scott's! Anyone give any opinion on the sound I could expect for one of these?
Warm beautiful midrange without the extension at the frequency extremes is my memory from more than 30 years since it departed my possession. I don't remember the model but I'll never forget the Scott with the Garrard tt and Dynaco A25 speakers and always regretted getting rid of that system starting with the moment I went the ss receiver route.
I've heard a couple of Scott 299s lately and been VERY impressed by their beautiful sound. Only downside is that the screw-type speaker connections are very closely spaced and so are the RCA jacks. But they do make music.