Schiit Ragnarok 2

Just got home from a 3 night tour of The Sphere. Fantastic! Highly recommended if you have never done it. Anyways, my MA-2275 had the left channel go down. I trouble shot to the best of my ability. Cleaned, De-oxit, rotated tubes and cables and speakers, etc. Still stayed on the left. Going to be probably 6 months until I can get repaired. Got to drive it out to Atlanta which is 4 hours away. Not comfortable mailing it. In the interim, I bought a Schiit Ragnarok 2 as stepping stone. Still in the box. Do you think I will be satisfied? I know it is a wide open question without knowing other components but any comments would be appreciated. 


Yes, but I would have bought the new Fosi V3 Monos with the 48 volt power supply instead. Only $280! 240 wpc@4ohms. Bargain amp of the year!

I looked at the Fosi monoblocks but ultimately decided on the Schiit. Very pleased with performance and synchrony thus far. Thanks for the response.