Schiit Modi Multibit vs. Adcom GDA 700

I know there was a thread about vintage DACs and how they fair against new ones but my question is a bit more specific. I want to get a DAC as a present for my brother - his first DAC, and was thinking about a Modi Multibit just like the one I got for myself a month ago. In the meantime, I just saw an Adcom GDA 700 for sale, although for a little more money, and now wondering if I should get the Adcom for myself and give him my almost new Modi. 
Do you guys think the Adcom is a better piece than the Modi Multibit? 
The usage is half and half playing Redbook CD and streaming Tidal either through Node2 or Chromecast Audio.
The Modi would be a better investment as Schiit usually offers upgrades, usually at reasonable costs. The Modi is also much more current than the Adcom, I believe, and since the tech is moving quickly in DAC's, it would make sense to get the more recent introductions.
So, if I were you, I would give your brother the Modi and get a Bifrost Multibit for yourself.
Bob, you’re a bad influence 😁 What caught my attention about the Adcom was their use of the PCM1702 chipset in a differential mode which is supposed to be a real good implementation of the R2R DAC technology at the time, particularly for the Redbook CD playback. I’ll think about it some more....
Thanks for the input.
I forgot that Schiit updated the USB chip for an extra $150. So, if you do get a Bifrost, you can get even better performance than before.
I have to say Schiit has there Shite together. By offering upgrades, you can save a lot compared to buying a new unit that can't be upgraded.