Schiit Bifrost 2 vs Denafrips Ares II?

Hello All,

Anyone have any experience with both of these DAC's or compare the 2? I currently have the BF 2 but have a chance to get a good deal on the Denafrips and just wondering if it's worth switching? I would appreciate any insight/advice...


Assoc equipment (system doubles as HT/Audio-I mostly do 2 channel direct for cd listening):


Marantz AV8802A

Simaudio Titan HT-200

Dynaudio Evoke 50's

I have all my cd's ripped to FLAC files on the Brennan B2 which is currently connected to the BF 2 via Lifatec toslink...


Thank you in advance...



Denafrips are very popular.  If you can get it at a good price, buy it and do the comparison yourself.  It will be easy to resell i you decide you don't like it more than the BFII.  I am a fan of the BFII in it's price range but the Ares II is quite popular.  I have not heard one.

I have the Ares ii and love it, but considering upgrading to Denafrips Pontus II which are supposed to offer an even greater soundstage and separation of instruments according to many reputable reviews.  EVERYTHING IS RELATIVE, THOUGH.