Santa Fe, NM Audiophile Society

Any interested parties are welcome to contact us. We have 3 starter members active and plan on doing a web page, various in home and manufacture events as well as group travel events such as the Rocky Mountain Audio Festival. Any Northern New Mexico audiophiles welcome.
Wow, what a fast response. I will get a hold of you guy's soon and give you better contact info. I simply did not expect such an immediate response to my last Sundays post.
I believe I have contacted everyone thus far and will let you know when our first get together will be. If I have failed to contact you I apologize, and please email me a note via this site.

I recently had a visit from ex-Stereophile patriot, writer Guy Lemcoe. It looks like he will be joining us on our trip to the the RMAF in October 2008.
Hello, Santa Fe Audio friends. We will be having our first of get together this November 2008 I will be notifying everyone who has contacted me here and on DIY Forum this week about details. In all likelihood we will have a potluck.

RMAF was great and we all had a nice time.CES is coming in January 2009 so we can discuss if anyone is going from Santa Fe etc.

Good Luck
Hello, Santa Fe Audio Society friends. We will have our first get together Saturday November 15th 2008 in Tesuque near the Santa Fe Opera house. It will be a pot luck and BYOB. Please contact me here via email for directions etc. I will do my best to reach everyone but I encourage you to contact me if you plan on going as there are a lot of people to communicate with and my time is limited.
Thanks, Ramon/Spl
I've created a Google group for the Santa Fe Audio Society.

Interested persons can subscribe by going to:
Hello, I am putting out the suggestion to any interested members to go to the SFAS page below so you can sign up to receive notification when next get together is going to happen so you don't miss out.
Hello fellow Audiogoners,

It's been a while since we posted anything here, but just to touch base: we've had a few gatherings of the Santa Fe Audio Society in the past few months, and it's really been fun.. we have a good mix of folks. Right now we have about 9 or 10 regular members from the northern NM area, and new members are always welcome. For more information, go to . Check out the photos while you're there!

We have met at members homes for various listening and most recently a (7) DAC shootout. PM me and I will fill you in on details or go to Google Groups link!!forum/sfaudio

Monte Verdi
I just found out about the SF Audio Society via some research on building a Betsy Project speaker.  I have lived in SF for nine years, now retired and would very much like to hear from you.  don
Attn. Sante Fe Ears,

Please come to Scottsdale for the Speakerfest Event Below:
Available to be heard: Sanders Sound, Joseph Audio, Salk Sound, Tekton Design, Spatial Labs, ZU Audio, MarkAudio-SOTA and LSA.

Additionally we have been graciously offered the use of the new Dan D"Agostino
Progression Integrated Amplifier which will be powering certain of the above brands.

Admission: $10 for non club members.

Location: Venue 8600, 8600 E. Anderson Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 85255. Near the 101 Freeway and Princess Exit.

Hours: 10am to 4pm.

Format: Each 1/2 hour two different speakers can be heard in two different acoustically correct rooms.
This will be repeated with different genres of music.

Guest Speakers from Dan D'Agostino and Spatial Labs as well as other professionals will be present
for Q&A.

These brands and models were selected to give a prospective listener options ranging
in price from $1,500 to $16,000. Most in the $2,000-$5,000 range. They are also generally
considered to be fine examples of the art of speaker manufacturing.

Special pricing will be available on certain models.

Club Membership is available. Website under remodel so call Jeff at 602-625-422two
or email me.

Early Notice of Next event "DAC IT OUT ! will happen End August.

Very Early Notice of event to follow: "Room Correction-Why So Critical to Good Sound"?

Come join us Please! Memberships available at $48/Year. Many Fun Benefits.

I checked this page out some time ago and never saw recent posts until today.  I am retired and moved to Santa Fe a bit more than a year ago.  I am in the process of updating my system.

I had planned on going to the RMAF this coming weekend, but plans have changed..... I hope to hear from folks.

Hi, I live in Santa Fe and have a pair of Linkwitz Orions that I would like to sell along with the Orion crossover and either an ATI6012 amp or four ATI1802 amps.  Please call me at 650-291-3868 between 10:00 am and midnight if you are interested.


This is an invitation to attend SpeakerFest 2022 Saturday August 27th

10am-4pm At the Fountain Hills Community Center near Phoenix. for details.

Two new speaker models will be debuting there. One from Falcon Acoustics and

another from LSA. Dennis Murphy of Philharmonic and Leo of Orchard Audio will present their products.

About 20 different models to experience for $10 admission. DEAL!!

You are welcome to join the

We have weekly Zoom Happy Hours, monthly newsletters,

Industry expert interviews and help for anyone seeking unbiased

equipment knowledge.

Hey all! you going to Axpona 2024?

(PM me for a Party Invitation Sat 6pm)

Come by the Expo Hall Booth 9400

and enter to Win a First Watt F7 Amp!

Learn about a new Nationwide Audiophile

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