Thanks Putin!

Really not worried I have plenty of tubes and by the time I need more Putin and Biden will be gone.

$2000.00 for 4 KT170 tubes.


I will store my gear and buy a cheap class D.


Thank goodness the tubes in my LS26 are new with low hours on them and I have the old ones still with 4000 hours on them..

Recently I purchased a Schiit Freya for my second system and thankfully it has a solid state mode.

If price gouging for tubes becomes the new norm, then tube gear will go out of style as fast as BetaMax vcr's did.

I'm hopeful the void will be filled in time.

I find myself in agreement with all of Skyscraper’s posts in this thread. For my part, Viva Hifi does not and will not sell products made in China. This includes products made for companies owned in America or Europe. There are too many other options available. As an individual consumer, I avoid buying Chinese products whenever possible. If Russia made anything I want, I would look for alternatives.


Mulveling, let me ask you this. Where to you draw the line for what you won’t have any part of in any way?. I don’t feel it’s "getting on a high horse" to draw the line at helping finance a Russian economy that’s supporting Putin engaging in the wholesale murder of innocents in the Ukraine, or one that’s putting innocent millions in slave labor concentration camps. That’s an awful low standard for anyone to maintain, not one that involves "being on a high horse".

We all need to do our part whether it inconveniences us or not, in my opinion anyway.. We can’t solve all the world’s ills, but sometimes it too hard to look the other way, and for me anyway this is one of those times. For my Dad it was Pearl Harbor. For me it’s what’s what Putin and China are doing to people. We’re not even being asked to go over and fight, only to give up buying Russian products to help stop Putin. That shouldn’t be too much too ask, even if it interferes with our listening pleasure.



"We’re not even being asked to go over and fight, only to give up buying Russian products to help stop Putin"

Biden has stopped oil & gas imports and nothing else. Congress/Senate are voting on removing Russia’s non-favored nation trading status which means that tariffs will be increased, not that products won’t be imported. So unless either Putin decides not to export anything to the US, or Biden/Congress goes beyond eliminating non-favored status and suspends all imports no one is being asked to not buy from them. And, if you don’t want anything from China talk to your Congressman & Senator and get them to write legislation to prevent US investment in China as well as non-importation of anything from them. Good luck with that, but that is where your indignation needs to be directed to attempt to get action not on Audiogon