Roon Sound Quality

So I finally retired my stalwart Logitech Touch in my main rig and replaced it with a Bryston BDP-1, a nominal but worthwhile upgrade (the Touch remains an outstanding product in my opinion). I am running the Bryston using Squeezelite sever as an endpoint because I still have 3 other Logitech zone players throughout the house and I am very familiar with the interface and love the flexibility and convenience. My question is: would moving on to the Roon server platform give a noticeable sound quality improvement over LMS? I hear good things about Roon but unless there is a qualitative SQ improvement, I would stick to my current platform. I’m not (at this time) looking to do DSD or MQA, so these are not decision points for me. Thoughts?
Try the 60 day free trial of roon.  If it sounds better, you have an answer!  But more helpful than that obvious response, If it sounds similar, I'd still go with Roon.  It's the best music management software I have ever used.  I have the main copy of roon on a dedicated for music mac mini, and controller apps for roon on my phone and laptop.  I find it simply awesome from a user experience.

good luck!
I got a nice bump in sound quality when I went from LMS to Roon.  And Mark's right; once you use the interface it'll be hard to go back.

Depends mostly on jitter. If you are using a USB interface or S/PDIF now and go to an integrated Ethernet interface, the jitter may be lower.  It is on my products.  With Ethernet though, you must ground the DC common on your router if you go wired.

If you are still using USB, then all bets are off.  The software typically is too involved with volume control DSP etc..

Steve N.

Empirical Audio