room setup suggesion needed

Hi everyone,


The question is for gurus of room setup.

Question is if anyone can suggest improvement of the situation where there is not much room for adjustment.

So there you go: 

1) Room conditions

room size 30ft x 30ft

audio wall with the location near centerline

rehearsing distance from the wall 9ft

sound focal point with speakers directed 8ft sound cross path directly at rehearsal point  ( not much room to adjust focal point could be pushed back max 3ft, not too happy about that idea)

speakers spread at 10ft center to center ( could be spread possibly to max 12ft with given wires)

speaker face 2ft off the wall less than 1ft space behind ( could be moved forward and tilted)

wall treatments floor dampening as well, floor standing speakers on spikes.


speakers JBL 4367

speaker wires FURTECH Douglas 7ft be-wire Rhodium spades 

Amp Pass Labs X250.8

Pre amp Pass Labs XP-12

Phono Pass Labs XP-15

Turntable VPI Classic 1 JMW 10.5  Hana ML

Server Mac mini  

DAC Schiid Modius balanced out

inter connector cable Canari XLR 

system fully balanced 

power cables FURTEH 



Honestly system sounds really good, but better is enemy of good so is there anything I can do better or is there anything that I'm doing wrong ?


Thanks for opinions!




@ghdprentice and I would add the bigger the space, the harder to get it right? Not sure since I have no experience with bigger spaces.

I guess it depends. But if you start with a recommended configuration, I would say a small spaces are much harder. You have wall reflections on all sides (including behind the listeners head) to worry about… bass reinforcement you may not be able to fix, except by tube traps, lack of abolition to get enough space behind the speakers… etc.

Decades ago my loft space was a bit larger and more rectangle. I was using the bands Altec A7's, a similar two way bass reflex / horn.

An acquaintance recording Engineer had just sold me his Octavium subwoofer. After showing me how to position a subwoofer in any room he positioned speakers. Approximately 12' apart, 5' from the front wall and possibly 8" from the side walls and very little toe in. With the listening position about 10-15' with a great deal of room behind. He taped the floor with their locations. I never did exact measurements, sorry.

This was my first experience with stereo and despite scratchy LP's and FM, in hindsight this was by far my favorite in home presentation. Having all that room to myself was the bomb. 

Unlike the subwoofer, he could only generally explain what to listen for when locating speakers. He warned that room uniqueness and the vast differences of speakers would be accomplished by a novice with patient experimentation and using a mirror to determine the sidewall first reflection.

Despite all the rooms and speakers in my experience I'm certain I suck at speaker positioning. I'd guess you have exactly the right type of speaker for that size room. Good luck with your setup.    

@ssg308 Wrote:

room setup suggesion needed

I would raise the JBL speakers about 8’’ off the floor, with a slight toe in, see here. 😎


It is impossible for me to comment without seeing and hearing the situation. I can say that your system deserves better sources.