Rogers Studio 1A Speaker...How good ?

Any one out there own this speaker?

I would like to know what gears should mate this speaker.

All tubes or S/S gears....i have both but need input from

you guys

I haeard this are good speaker especially the mid's and hf.

Is this an upgrade to Von Schweikert VR-2?

They were quite good and would still be if in good shape. I haven't heard the VR-2s and haven't heard the Rogers in years so couldn't give an opinion on how they compare. The Rogers was not fussy about amps and should work with either tubes or SS.
A friend of my friend have one> No grill and was destroy long time ago,but both cabinet are in good shape ( some few scratches ) and except the other tweeter has a dimple but works well and the rest of the drivers in great shape.How much should i pay ?
Excellent speakers. Were connected to Quad 405 II power amp which has just failed after 27 years. Now connected to Yamaha AS500 amp and CDX-596 CD player. Very happy, beautiful, natural sound, especially accoustic guitar but still formidable listening to Hybrid's "Dissapear here".