Right Time, Right Place

Saturday morning I was taking my dog for a walk. About a block from home, there it was: an Ikea Expidit book case, in perfect condition, out at the curb, with a sign on it that said "Free". Even better, it was a perfect match to one I had purchased not too long ago. It was fully assembled. All I had to do was go home, get my car, and come back and get it. I just finished moving it into my LP storage room and filling all 16 bins with LP's.
I use 2 of them. Perfect for LPs and they look great.

I hope the dog got a treat too.
Lucky you - did you realize that your wife had been doing some spring cleaning - sounds like the rest of your stuff she dumped out on the street went real fast - at least you go the book case back ;-)
Well - that explains how my neighbor wound up with a new turntable that looks just like mine ; )

The dog got to go swimming in the river today, so she is happy too...