Rhode Island, Southeast Mass.

Are there any audio clubs in the Rhode Island, SE Mass area? I am interest in joining one.

Thank you,

Not that I know of Bob but I would be interested in doing something like this also. I'm in Padanaram Village, South Dartmouth.
I used to frequent Sound II in North Dartmouth. I bought a lot of equipment from Leo before he passed on. I would always hit up the strip joint across the street before I went home:)
Anyone still out there? Is anything going on? Would be very interested in being involved, Tom
Hey Linkster, I'm all in, how do you want to move forward, how can we hook up? Tom
Is there anyone out there, still very interested in getting an Audio Club of some kind going. I live in Rehoboth, Mass. And have no problem traveling. Willing to listen to all and any suggestions to get a good group of people together and discuss trends in audio and tunes, And with the lack of "brick and mortars", listen to different set-ups. Doors open, let's get it underway.

I spend the summer and most of the fall in Bristol RI. Bristol is also where I have my primary system. I am quite interested in participating in an audio club. I'll keep an eye on this thread.
Hi all, what if we respond with an affirmation of our intention to join and participate? We could then briefly introduce ourselves, our musical tsste, audiophile background and current system configuration. Follow-on discussion could include: system improvements made in the last twelve months, improvements being considered in the coming twelve months and an overview of audio topics that are of interest to us.

What do you think?

How about we all meet on Saturday March 21, first day of Spring. We could meet at a Dunkin Donuts in Swansea , Mass at noon.

Or wherever, whenever, someone else can come up with, just a thought to get started, let's just get it going!

Let's get together on March, 21, first day of Spring at Dunkin Donuts in Swansea, Mass.

Or whenever, wherever someone else suggests. Let's just get it going while everyone here seems interested!

See you all soon!

Mfoley3, AudioGon suggest we keep it generic, but I'm all on, whatever you guys decide, let's do it before it loses steam.

Hey Linkster, Your missing the snow, oh yah, and the -10 degree mornings. We can save you a seat, when will you be available.
Hi Tom, I like your idea of getting things started, while interest is high. Unfortunately, I won't be returning from Florida to RI until mid-May. I very much would like to participate upon my return and would welcome the opportunity to meet and participate with you and the others showing interest. I'm looking forward to hearing how your first meeting goes.
Mfoley3, Hopefully a first meeting will take place before your back, I will remain hopeful. With technology at our hands, if we pull it off, we can make the effort to include you. Glad to see the interest so far, it appears we may have something, either way, look forward to meeting you when you get back. If there is a way to communicate directly with each other, that would probably be the first step toward getting this off the ground.
Hi Tom, I'll send you a private email with my contact info. I look forward to the opportunity of participating with all.
Mike, are you one of those snowbirds that don't like the abusive tax environment in Rhode Island?? Linc
Hi Linkster, I've been a snow bird since I retired. The New England winter (particularly this one) is the reason we decided to migrate. Rhode Island is a beautiful state, particularly in the summer. As far as tax burdens and economic development, etc., hopefully, Gina Raimondo will be able to get RI moving in a better direction. I'm hopeful.

May I send you a private message to exchange more specific information regarding our audio hobby?

Some had previously indicated an interest in trying to get a RI/MA audio group started. I'm still interested, how about you?
Hi Mike, Let's set up a place and a time, have a coffee or lunch or whatever and figure it out. Tom
Hi Colecat, I've been in phone contact with Linkster recently and will be meeting him personally on Wednesday. I'll speak with him regarding his thoughts for a get together. I like your idea of meeting over coffee, lunch or whatever. The important thing, for me, is that we meet and figure out what a good next step might be. I'll update you on Wednesday. Anyone else with an interest?
Hi Colekat, I spoke with Lincoln today and he would like to join us for an introductory session with an eye towards possibly forming an audio club. We agreed that a reasonable first step would be to meet, as you suggest over coffee or whatever, to introduce ourselves and to speak of our current audio interests and next steps. I'm happy to coordinate a meeting for us and ask that you provide me with convenient days when you would be available. Lincoln's calendar frees up the third week of May.

Any one else interested?

Thanks - Mike
Stereo05, Colekat, Linkster and Schubert - how about if we target the first week of June for our initial meeting? My schedule is generally flexible and I am open to either weekdays or weekends. Meeting over breakfast, lunch or dinner is my preference and I am open to any other suggestions.

How about you?

I'm in. If it's weekdays, it would have to be an evening for me to attend. Weekends are no problem at all.
Hi Mike, First week of June is good for me. Weekends are better, but whenever is good to get started. I live 10 minutes from Providence for reference, but am willing to do whatever it takes to get rocking. So set up a meeting and I'm in. You have my email if that's more convienent. Let me know. Tom
Are you familiar with the Boston Audio Society?
 We meet monthly, often on the 3rd Sunday at Boston University.  Our website is bostonaudiosociety.org and for information and questions email me at

David Hadaway

Hello everyone! I know that this is an old thread, but I just found it. I'm in Fall River and my audiophile journey began about 35 years ago and I also used to frequent Sound II in Dartmouth. Al and Steve treated me well and I'm forever grateful.