Review: M&K V-75 mkII Subwoofer

Category: Speakers

Musical tastes include mostly Jazz and classical, testing was done using John Williams "American Journey" and Moussorgky's Pictures at an Exhibition. My wife also listens to a lot of classic rock.

The most important aspects of these pieces include the clarity, and naturally bass response and accuracy are also very important.

The worst thing that a sub could do is to be inefficient and muddy. If it goes really deep but you can't tell what it's supposed to sound like it doesn't matter what the specs are.

I've had this sub since Nov 2002. I replaced an Infinity 12" powered sub, and this was a welcome change. This box is very efficient, very clean, and because it's front firing I can use it on my carpet floor very easily.

The strengths are the efficiency, the clarity, and the front firing construction.

It does have some weeknesses though, because the box isn't ported it doesn't go as deep as other subs will, this could also be how I have it setup.

I don't think that I would replace this sub if I had the option, I've been very happy with it.

Associated gear
Rotel RSX-1065
Carver SD/A-360 CD player
Sony DVP-C660 DVD player
Monster power HTS 7000
Carver HTR 880

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Well,here's a reply 11 years later...hehe.
I picked this up for $29.00 at a Salvation Army store. It works perfect. I have a REL T2 and a Martin Logan 10" to compare. The REL is just awesome, actually I had a more expensive larger REL, an R-528 and I liked the T2 better!
The ML is OK..
The old bargain M&K is very good, fast, controlled and sounds tight and big.
I'm happy with it!