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My fresh impression of Gold Statement Power Cord - installed into my power conditioner so other component would benefit. It went instead of the old Statement, a;ready one of the best in the world power cords - so it was not comparison with $5 stock power cord.

Two hours right out the box - My 1st reference disc: soundtrack to movie Gladiator tracks 2,3 (female voice, Spanish guitar and large orchestra) - a bit aggressive highs (to be broken-in, obviously), midrange is very nice and bass, oooh that BASS, THE BASS - yes, sirry, now I have IT...the bass...Did I mentioned about bass? Slam is furious, each instrument is superbly tighten up (more palpable, more 3D, more presence). Brrrrrr...

My piano reference disc is "Nogima plays List", Reference Recording. Again - "impossible to believe bass"; much better then with my previous speakers with huge subwoofers, Diapasons by Dick Shahinians - more accurate, tight, tight, tight, tight, tight - very rich (just touch it !) and deep. The most realistic piano depiction I ever experienced (besides real piano, of course). Particularly in left hand octaves. (The right hand octaves were excellent in my system before that and it will open much more later on ). Incidently, I am (was? ) professional pianist

Another example - " Picture at Exhibition" (Reiner, RCA XRCD2) - . One word WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK, you want description - here it is: "space is final frontier" - I never imagine that we can "float" in HUGE soundstage space and each instrument is palpable and 3D like a planet - all by itself surrounded by THE space. And all in golden midrange glow....

Jaws dropping experience...

One more thing. The perceived loudness increased by at least 3 dB - don't ask me how - I had to diminish volume control on my preamp by one notch to get still slightly "louder" sound.

To say that addition of this power cord is equivalent to addition of separate component would not be true. Extraordinary component - may be !!!!!!

Thank you for reading it

Associated gear
Marantz-14 SACD/CD (heavily modified by Stan Warren).
Home built tube preamp
Spectron Mk2 monoblocks w/all upgrades
Audio Analyses, Omega speakers
Acoustic Revive RTP-6
cables - all Elrod

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Its probably appropriate to point out that while I am retired electrical engineer, as my 2nd career and/or hobby I do audio consulting, now, and also I carry some components I fall in love with. Obviously, latest David's cables are firmly in this category. I know David's work for many, many years and every time its surprises me by its improvements. I truly love Elord cables - In addition to Gold Statement Power Cord in my system, I also have the newest Gold Signature Speaker Cables as well as few prototype interconnects (and older power cords too and, high quality jumper...may be something else).

Thank you
I have owned Elrod power cables for years and love them. I've been thinking about getting more of "that sound" by upgrading from my current Signature series. Hearing he has a new line of power cables, interconnects and speaker cables is truly exciting. Doing a quick web search, I noticed that he has finally put up a new website ( This is something he has needed badly for years. I spoke with them and was told that inquiries for nearest dealer must go through David at (864) 227-9107 as he has many dealers in the US and abroad. I'll be auditioning some of these latest creations soon and will report on what I hear.
Gold is our top of the line series with Silver being based off of our Gold line but configured to be a more affordable alternative.

The Statement Gold features a more extensive and complex cunductor configuration. It also features the Oyaide's best connectors. The M1 and F1.
I have the new Elrod Power Systems Statement Silver Power Cord. I simply cannot believe that a single power cord can have such a profound impact in how an audio system portrays the presence of each instrument. With this cord, it's very easy to differentiate the quality of each instrument, and the quality of the musicians.

This power cord is so good and I'm so impressed by its performance that I can confidently say this: I highly recommend to any body who's thinking about upgrading a component to really audition the Silver or Gold Elrod power cord first.

I'm absolutely stunned!



DISCLAIMER: I'm just a happy customer.
Finally, I was able to audition Elrod Gold Statement Power Cord - I was simply overwelmed by its sound. I can only join iSanches conclusion that intsead of upgrading a component its much, much better to get this (or silver, I presume...) power cord

All The Best
Hi,I am replacing 3 virtual dynamics genisis power cords with 3 gold statement power cords cords,I hope it works out.We'll see

Strapper, 3, wow you don't mess around. We'd all love to hear your impressions.

I have the Silver Statement pc to my amp and love it.
I should have them by april 8 or so,will give my opinions after they break in a bit.

Hi,I got of a Gold statement to try and I was totally blown away,So I uped my order to 6 Gold statement power cords in 2 orders,3 at a time.I am changing out all my cords on the amps,pre-amp,cord to velocitor,turntable and tuner.This is the first cord that beats the VD Genesis hands down in my quest since I got the genesis when they came out.

By the way has anyone had a chance to compare the Gold statement interconnects or speaker cables to transparent opus mm2,I would be very interested.

Strapper, I checked out your system, you are definitely playing in a different league than I. I only have the Elrod Silver speaker cables but they really wowed me.
Hi Bostonbean,I am totally impressed with David Elrods new offerings.His power cords,interconnects and speaker cables are superb efforts,especially the gold.Maybe the best out there.MAYBE?

Hi,I just added a picture of one of the Gold statements on my System,man are they meaty.Reminds me of a Boa,but they sound out of this world good,I think they are the best on the market.PERIOD.
Hello Strapper211...Nice pictures of the Elrod Gold Statement power cord, it looks like a tight fit. Did you get the chance to compare the Elrod with the Silent Source Music reference power cord and are you running the Elrod Gold Statement power cord through the Walker Velocitor S AC Filter or are you going directly to the electrical outlet?
Hi Unoear,I have 3 so far.1 on the turntable motor,1 on the tuner and 1 going into the Velocitor.I had a bybee supercord on the velocitor and before that a silent source cord before that but the Gold statement is in a league of its own.I have 3 more coming tues for the pre-amp and amps,I have only had them a week but am totally impressed with them.They are big and careful placement is a neccesity even if a hook or a tie is involved but the orange ends are quite flexible its the black part that is quite stiff,but after hooking them up and listening you forget all about the cord.
Hi,I have have changed all my power cords from VD genesis to Elrod Gold Statement ( 6 of them ) and am in the process of burning them in.I put my old power amp tubes back in for this not wanting to waste my newer tubes,I am running the system on tuner about 12 hours a day for a week now and letting the turntable just spin with no record.I am so impressed by these cables,they are starting to go deeper,open up and very transparent,tremendous slam in the midbass,natural 3d top end.I was told by Mr.Elrod they have a long way to go but my god are they special,if you have a system thats almost there try these,they will put it over the top.
Hi,I have had the cords for about 2 weeks now and they just get better and better.The bass and midbass slam is totally in a league of its own,and the soundstage just keeps getting wider and deeper.Also extreme transparency and natural high end,as good as the vd genesis was this cable beats it by a WIDE margin in all areas.I cant find anything the vd genesis did better,these cables are a must audition in my opinion.If you cant afford these I understand the silver is a excellent performer to,I would like to hear some opinions after people try this cable.
Hello Robert,

I have my two Gold Statement power cords for about 3-4 months and they still continue to break-in. In my experience of break-in - sometimes they change their sonic signature i.e. becaming a bit "soft" losing their focus (imaging blur) and next week their sound is even more palpable and imaging becaming simply stunning.

With Elrod Gold power cords and Gold speaker cables (and next week I expect the pair of Gold Statement Interconnects) - my system became highly sensitive of even small changes I make.

I never heard before any component or combination of components similar to David Elrod cables. Its simply unbelievable. I am not sure how my words can express what they do to my listening experience. Frankly, I don;t care how deep the bass is and how wide is soundstage - what I care really is simple thing - will music "grab me" - will it be deeper experience - and here David Elrod work has no equal (in my experience, in my system etc).

Wow! It would take $46,200.00 to make my rig a full Elrod cable system. My system(excluding cables and power conditioning)at full retail was only about $40K! My 08 BMW M3 was only 70,000.00. I think I'll enjoy my Bimmer some more!
It's hard for this old audio veteran to swallow that $45K cables can make that much of a difference. I'm sure they are great and make a big difference but, the law of diminishing returns has to kick in here. Can't 45K for better speakers or amp give better improvement?
In the main rig I'm using Sophia IIs,Spectron Musician III MK II SE,and a new Ayon3 CD player with all MIT cabling. My MITs have been challenged many times and though some have been better in certain areas at the end of the day the MITs still overall outperform most I've tried. Of course I've not tried cables that cost more than my rig before either.
Mr. Philefreak, I also have the Spectron Musician III MK II SE. I am using the Elrod Silver Statement power cord to the amp and Elrod Silver Signature speaker cables. You should definitely try the same. You do not need to re-cable you're entire system with Elrod cables to get real benefits. Just these two cables will make you go WOW...listen to what I have been missing.
Philefreak, I agree with Bostonbean that you don't have to re-cable your entire system with Elrod's cables. Adding only one Statement Gold PC to my system made a HUGE sonic improvement and adding a second one was phenomenal. I have now ordered a third one! These improvements were over what is already one of the best PCs on the market, namely the old Elrod Statement. For more details, see my review in the thread titled "Elrod Statement Gold PC compared to old Statement."
Hello, I add one more Gold Statement power cord and recently Gold Statement interconnects. Its about 10 days interconnects are burning in and out and up and down.

Everything is opening, bass became tighter and most important, my system sounds now like I have the highest quality vinyl source, and its very new and highly pleasant experience with David Elrod cables for me.

Thank you

I added third Gold Statement PC to drive my preamp. So far I have three Gold PC's one Gold interconnect and one gold speaker cable with gold jumper.

Each addition improves sound and disproportionally so. I never ever in my life had so good system. I can close my eyes and I am "there" in concert hall - its so realistic. Improvments everythere but most "shocking" for me is how texture of the instruments became so realistic.

It has been a bit over a month since I added 3 Elrod Gold Statement power cords to my system. Two were used on my BAT REX control and power units, the third on my BAT cd player. This is in addition to my Elrod Silver Statement pc on my Spectron amp and Elrod Silver Signature speaker cables on my Gallo 3.1 speakers.

Though I could initially hear improvements in assorted areas it was not until about a week ago that the Gold Statements really “clicked” in. I am now hearing music like I have never heard it before. My jaw is still dragging on the ground. I can hardly wait to get off work each day so that I can go home and listen to music.

It is difficult to add to what others have said about these cables. Repeating what has already been said starts sounding like a broken record. But the one thing that I would like to note and have found really fascinating is how I can now play music at much lower volumes and am actually hearing more musical detail.

I don’t have the slightest idea how David Elrod’s cables work but I can tell you that each cable I have added to my system has improved the sound beyond imagination. Each cable is hand-made by David himself, no manufacturing line building cables to some spec.

I would highly recommend trying just one of Mr. Elrod’s cables in your system. You will hear dramatic improvements with just one Elrod cord. These cables can be used with whatever component you may own at any time in your life so I believe the cables are a lifetime investment in improved hi-fi playback.
Bostonbean,I agree with you a 100%,that is why I took such a interest in Elrod's new cable line especially the Gold.I had bought 7 gold statement power cords and could not believe what they did to the music,now I tried the Gold statement interconnect and it is just as devestating so you know the next stop is the Gold statement speaker cables.Now I hope you understand why this is the first product in 35 years in Audio that made me want to become a dealer,I truely love the stuff and what it does for the sound.