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Tidal Speakers owners
Well, I just celebrated my 5 year anniversary with my Piano Diaceras.  How do they sound after 5 years?  I don't know because I can't hear them.  All I hear is beautifully staged music.  And any influence on the sound that I might be hearing is on... 
Spectron Musician ii issue
A month ago one of my mono Spectron amps had no sound.  I sent it to Spectron and they had it repaired and returned to me within a week.  And since it was still under the 7 year warranty, no cost to me. Excellent service! 
BAT preamp: Rex to Rex-2 upgrade
Anyone else do the upgrade? I'm seriously considering (about 90% decided) sending mine in for the upgrade while I am out of town in September. 
Tidal Speakers owners
Maceear, Linkster was able to listen to my Piano Diacera's which helped him determine whether he wanted to go through the cost and hassle of upgrading. You need to do the same. Upgrading is not cheap, the packing and shipping is a hassle, and it t... 
Is Vinyl Worth It
Aren't all of todays recordings actually recorded and mastered in digital? So do they convert these recordings to analog for vinyl distribution? Seems like a weak link to me for the vinyl crowd. Though IMO all recordings up to the early to mid 80'... 
Tidal Speakers owners
Hey Bvdiman, If Linkster is correct regarding the dimensions of the Akira's they should be perfect for you. They sure are pretty. :-) 
Tidal Speakers owners
I sent Doug White of TVTI an e-mail asking the price of the Assoluta Mono-blocks. The price he gave me almost made me blow my morning coffee through my nose. Seems the Assoluta gear will be aimed at the top 5 percenters.I just thank my lucky stars... 
Tidal Speakers owners
Tidal coming out with a bunch of new products. The two that caught my interest are the Akira speakers (Piano Diacera replacements?) and the Assoluta Monoblock amps.The Akira's stand 4.5 feet high for medium to small listening areas. Don't know foo... 
Tidal electronics...
I adore my Piano Diaceras. The Contrivas would be more speaker than my listening area could accommodate.Though I am very happy with my current setup if I were to do any changes I would like to try some Tidal electronics. Seems Tidal is rolling out... 
ARC VSI 60 vs Cary SLI 80 or BAT 300xse
Try 6H30 Supertubes in your BAT. They will give you that sparkle you are looking for. Not cheap but still less than another amp. 
System assessment--should I change amps?
Did not know that, silly me. Yes, I've heard tubes and Wilson's go together well. 
System assessment--should I change amps?
Have you thought about tubes. Like an Audio Research integrated. Might go nice with your Sophia's. 
has BAT priced itself out of the market?
Jafant, I have had the REX 1 preamp for close to 7 years and love it. I am very glad I bought it when I did. Also, BAT's customer support is excellent.Regarding BAT's prices, in comparison to similar products out there BAT products are fairly priced. 
Tidal Speakers owners
Rjthomas4, congrats on your purchase. Looking forward to your observations.P.S. The waiting is hard. 
Amplifier upgrade or speaker upgrade
Yes, amp. Most speakers have significant upside potential when fed with good upstream components.