Revel Ultima Salon 2

How good are the  Revel Ultima Salon 2 Some reveiws say there better than the IRS Betas
I've been thinking of the salon 2s as an upgrade from the sig s8 v2 (just as biggarthomas did) but my room size is smallish (12 x 16 x 8 ft). I actually enjoy bass so despite having 4x 7 inch bass drivers on my sig s8 I have also added 2 18 inch PSA V1800 subs. I do wonder if salon 2 will give me better sound in my smaller room.
When I auditioned both the Signature 8s and Salon 2s back in 2011, the Salon 2s were far better (I actually preferred the significantly cheaper Legacy Classics to the Sig 8s, which I thought were way too hot up top).  I ended up getting the Salon 2s then and haven’t even considered anything different.  

If you put them in front of the 12 foot wall and keep them two feet off the sidewalls with a slight toe-in, they should still image quite well if you sit 8 feet away, and at that distance you’ll have enough room behind you to not get suffocated by bass along the back wall.  They have plenty of bass, so you might be able to jettison the subs.

biggarthomas’s advice to spike them is spot on, and I found that using Star Sound’s Apprentice XL’s platforms took them to a whole different level.
I would try the Salons in a 12*16*8 room. The ceilings might be a little too low but I think that the floor area is fine.
Thanks for the great advice guys. I think if I can find some used salon 2s that might be my next upgrade. Well either that or a used scala v2.
You will need a significant amp to get the Salons to sing, think 300 watts with lots of current. Small amps just don’t wake this great speaker up. They seem to love the high power class D stuff so you don’t need to break the bank