Revel Ultima Salon 2

How good are the  Revel Ultima Salon 2 Some reveiws say there better than the IRS Betas
I bought the Salon2's to replace my salon1's and have gotten quite a bit of interest since listing them, no buyers yet as shipping is $$$. Nearly every inquiry comes with the question " what did you replace the Salon with"? Then when I tell them they want to know what's different.  Well, last night I put the 1's into the system and sat back to listen. they are still very impressive sounding and musical presenting each song effortlessly and being rear ported I think I was able to get a little more bass into the room, it took a few master recordings before I was able to hear why I replaced them with the 2's and it came down to the space between instruments and singers on the stage where the Salon2's pull away from the originals. It might be as simple as a tower speaker imaging better in my room, but after playing the night they drove ol Dixie down by The Band the 2's made the room disappear. After listening to all the offerings at axpona I think the Salons are still a bargain for the price and they might be the best rock speakers you can get, but the 2's take detail to the next level.
I’m not going to argue with the scores of people who have focused on getting the right amplifier for the Salon2. I’ve been using an Ayre VX-5 Twenty to what I thought was great effect. Two weeks ago, I replaced my Audio Research DAC8 with a PS Audio DirectStream. Holy hell what a difference. Whilst the Directstream has still not been broken in, I’ve experienced a fantastic difference in bass response and in the overall colour palette of all genre of music. I’ll post more as the Dac acclimatizes but, I’ll tell you now, yes, with these speakers, amplifier pairing may be important but the DAC oh, the DAC!
Hey guys,

Sorry to resurrect an older post, but curious if any folks have driven the Salon 2s with a Hegel H30 amp (I see Steve59 is driving them with the Hegel H360 integrated, which is a good sign). I'm still months away from buying a new set of speakers (right now using my existing pair of AV123 RS760 Onyx Rockets... which are surprisingly revealing with every system change/upgrade I do). My plan to save $$ is to go the used-route, but of course that comes with limitations on the auditioning side. So I'd like to know if folks have found good synergy with the Hegel H30 amp and Revel 2s. My personal audiophile goals are probably the same as most folks here (I mean, who doesn't love clean bass, articulate, non-fatiguing highs, realistic midrange etc.) but one thing I'm longing for is system that can deliver a front-back 3D holographic soundstage and believable vocals... for me that's how the system "disappears" cognitively/emotionally. Ideally that midrange would have a touch of liquid-lushness to the midrange just to make it a bit seductive... I'd choose that over dry/analytical accuracy if I had to make a choice.



p.s. cables are Ansuz C2 series (Power/IC/Speaker), DAC is Hegel HD30 and using Aurender N100H music server