Revel B-15 setup in the Pacific NW

I have just purchased a new pair of B-15's and am looking for someone who has experience setting these subs up who lives in the Pacific NW.
You can do it. Just ask on this thread and you'll get valuable advise. What are your room dimensions? What equipment are you using ect.
If I'm not mistaken the Revel B-15 uses a 3 band parametric EQ, very similar to the PARC that we manufacture. I am not terribly experienced with the B-15, but you can download our operators manual which does go through how to set up a parametric eq and calculate the values (including the Q factor). Based on my experience with Madrigal (not so much with Revel), their operators manual's are very good and should walk you through the process quite nicely. But feel free to use our manuals and they may add some helpful hints. Our web address is, just click on Products and go to the PARC page, there is a link for the manual.