Replace Primare SP31.7 w/ Cary Cinema 11?

I have been considering a replacement for my Primare SP31.7 which is in a HT/2 ch. listening system. I have my eyes on a used Cary Cinema 11 (not the 11a), which can be had for a fair used price. But then, I start to consider if it is really worth it. I just got a Blu-Ray player and intend to simply use it's internal processing and analog outputs for the DTS-HD sound. Regular 5.1 sound will be handled by the processor, but the Primare does this quite nicely already, and I can use it's inputs for the hi-rez audio from the Blu-Ray player as well. The Primare also serves quite nicely as a 2-ch preamp, as it has an analog pass through.

The Primare is not the MK2 unit and is getting a little old, but this isn't necessarily the best reason to upgrade/change things, esp. if it does everything the Cary would be doing. At any rate, just wondering if anyone has thoughts on this or even experience with both units.
I'd stick it out with your current processor, its a nice piece of kit. I don't think you would be necessarily happier with the Cinema 11. They are both good processors in the same league in my opinion. I'd just save for an Cinema 11a or the Primare SP32. Those units would be a real upgrade.
I agree with Joe. I have heard both and actually liked the Primare a little better. There are a few reliability issues that have cropped up with the Cary and I am not sure their support is totally satisfactory.