Reference 3A Veena

I'd love to hear impressions from any of you who know this speaker well; not the Grand Veena, but the Veena. I was in the process of upgrading from the Dulcet to the De Capo but (long story) may have the opportunity to move further up the line to the Veena.

Associated equipment: Manley Mahi tube mono blocks (20/40 w/ch), etc. 16 x 13 x 8 foot room, etc.

My only hesitation is whether they'll need more breathing room off the walls than I can give them. I can give them, max, about 2.5 feet off the back wall.

Many thanks!
UHF magazine reviewed these speakers in Issue 75. It was a mixed review and they were not sure if the Veena was better that the De Capo. Venna had better bass but the De Capo had better midrange and slightly brighter top.
I have a pair of Veena set just about 2.5 ft. off the back wall in a room that is 13x18. These speakers are very sensitive to placement and the equipment that your using to drive them including AC cables. Incredibly transparent, neutral sounding speakers. I am sending mine in for the newest upgrade next month. They are speakers you can live with for a very long time.