Reel to reel tape

Question: I am selling my reel to reel Tanberg TD-20A. I have searched the listings on eBay and here but I have found no reel to reel decks for sale or sold. Any suggestions what I should ask, given its excellent condition? It is still in the original box and was factory serviced before it went into storage. It comes with lots of tapes, of course.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

You will get much better results in your search on eBay and elsewhere if you spell Tandberg correctly.
Try going to and follow the threads you may be able to track down some good current info
If I were to sell it ,I would put a descent reserve on it..Tanberg is a very desirable company and made quality equipment..Your best bet is to find a collector or someone who will appreciaite the quality...If you put in on Ebay ( with a high reserve ) maybe you'll reach someone who really wants it..Ebay does reach a lot of people so that is an option for you..I would first call a quality Audio store who sells Tanberg ( or maybe did sell ) and maybe get an Idea...Good luck...
I paid $175 for mine here on agon about 2 years ago.
Cost me another $40 to tweak it & it is working 100%.
Hope this helps
Do you have pre-recorded tapes? If so, try a package deal, it will get you more dollars/pounds/euros.
There are four active and three that have sold on eBay right now. Tandberg TD-20A.