recommendations with 7500 budget

speakers to be driven by a 32 watt VAC amp,speakers i was thinkin' on,Rick's RC4's diy,Coincident Total Victory if they mate well with vac look interesting?? will have to go used here as 13k new.any other ideas welcome,i have to buy word only as in northern location[no good shops].i have VAS VR'jr's and like them,but i just want more sound.the SR'S look good but they are double the price--and for what????any help thks much.
I heard the 4SRs at THE show in NYC in 05. Very impressive, driven my a PHI integrated.
I had the JRs and now have the SRs. The SRs are a lot better. I still think the JRs are great speakers, but the SRs just expand on their excellent stregths in all aspects. If you are looking for something totally different and aren't completely happy with the VS sound then good luck, but if you already love the 4JRs and just want to take it to the next level you might be sorry if you stray from the VS line.
Id think this might be somewaht of a mismatch as far as power goes. My schweikert VR4 III needed all the power I could give them, only thing that really woke them up was a VTL 450.I dont know but the DB99's Are what albert has in his system. I have upgraded VR-8's :)
The SR's are much better than the JR's. There is also a new VR-5SE out now. The DB-99 is very efficient too.

Good luck!