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Vac 140/140 Input tube positions
Not in the manual 
Tube newbie - recommendations?
Ive had several amplifers cosying Much more then the rogue 120 magnumas or regulars. They are excellent performers and truly worth every penny. they are quick clean powerful controled bass, if you need a bit more of the Lusher midrange type sound ... 
Intergrated Amp with VR4jrs
Those speakers Will LOVE Rogue 120 monos. Will drive the heck out of them or in triode snap your neck with imaging while having speed and control without hash in the highs. 
tube preamps
May I suggest trying a eastern electric "MINI MAX" preamp. They are cheap and excellent sounding. You dont need matched pairs of tube either, big plus. Over here the mini max has compared diretly to some units at 2-3 times its list price. Adsadds ... 
any experience with the Consonance 211 amps?
Are those the 18 watt single ended ones, Ive heard some great things of them. 
pass labs x250.5 or plinius SA102 for summits
Would look for amp with extended frequency extremes summits have ample midband output, the plinius might be too much for the compression driver, pass isnt the last word in lowend control which that 15 will need, from what ive heard the jc-1 might ... 
Parasound JC-1 Heat Dissipation
My plinius Sa250IV runs in class AB and is left on all the time. very cool, It has switchable class A on the panel, boy does cook then, Then your done for the day, switch the class A off switch in standby, and forget about her. 
i'm looking for a dull 12ax7 and 12au7, ideas?
RCA 12au7 Black plate. Will still give you detail but will tame that sound your getting, Trust me. Great tubes, cheap also. 
Factory Refurbished Amp
I purchased a refurb product with a reduced warranty not pass. I think the units have problems (more then 1 time to service dept) Still a good value.. 
When is the best time to buy equipment??
Look over the classifieds On mondays, people come to their senses then. I think over the summer you will start to see a flood of amplifiers ect. Right now on agon the prices are up from a while ago, Just wait and dont make snap decisions. Most of ... 
Best Place to get Levinson 27.5 Amp repaired
Their service is very expensive? Let us know what they charge 
Von Schweikert VR-8 Owners
I want to talk to current owners of Vr-8'sHeres what thay are http://home.comcast.net/~jtgale01/andys_room.htm 
Blown tube
Thats a common thing in rogue amps. they are hard on tubes, factory Highly reccomendeds FACTORY matched sets only on outputs. those amps are great much better then most people might think. Ive spebt 2-3 times as much on 5 sets of mono blocks only ... 
jbl b460 or jbl 4645c
hello. At my local dealer the carried the B460 18" correct?They blew the heck out of several woofers also they ripped the spyders out.:) Anyway they subsituted in a car audio 18" of some type then no blowout, You may want to get JBL musical instru... 
ASL Hurricane or CJ 140
Im not going to be a sore thumb but neither of the amps mentioned has speed as a strong point. Ive owned them both driving Schweikert vr 4 SEIII. The hurricanes are lush and a bit darkish, the CJ is close to that. Ive owned VTL 300, 450, Rogue Zeu...